On October 15th,
Re-Elect Shauna Morgan for City Council

I am seeking re-election for a second term on City Council because I bring experience, energy and values that can help this community to be resilient and thrive.

I bring principled leadership, where I try to first understand the complexity of issues and listen to various perspectives. I base my decisions on available evidence and expertise, as well as my values. I try to communicate clearly how and why I make decisions so I can be held accountable.

I work hard, prepare thoroughly, think critically and ask tough questions.

During my past three years as a city councillor I have championed:

  • lowering energy costs for both City facilities and homeowners by transitioning to renewable energy,
  • interconnected trail and bike lane systems,
  • policies and programs to end homelessness, and
  • addition of 8 new firefighter-paramedic positions to ensure a more robust emergency response capability.

A resilient community that thrives in the face of adversity


Opportunities are available to make living costs more affordable.

City programs and services are accessible to all.


The City sets clear standards and goals for the level of service and best practice citizens can expect, and publicly monitors its progress towards achieving them.

There is effective internal collaboration amongst administrative leaders and Council, and effective external collaboration with partners, stakeholders and other governments.

City leadership takes a long-term planning approach.


The City takes good care of assets and infrastructure we already have.

City facilities are powered efficiently by renewable energy where possible, allowing them to be operated affordably and sustainably.


The City’s economy is diversified, including a stronger emphasis on tourism, post-secondary institutions, arts, and a local food economy.

Residents can rely on a robust and rapid fire & ambulance response.

More residents choose active transportation through an interconnected trail and bike lane system.

Yellowknife’s downtown is vibrant, accessible and welcoming to all.

“I support Shauna Morgan for City Council because she is forthright, honest, hard working, and creative. She has enriched this community through her many, diverse contributions in music and sport, as a member of various volunteer boards and the last 3 years sitting on City Council. I appreciate her intelligent analysis of issues, her belief in the importance of transparency and her efforts to foster respectful dialogue when conducting Council business. In the next term on Council, I’m looking forward to what she will accomplish to expand the City’s use of renewable energy, to address homelessness and to develop a more vibrant city centre.”

– Margo Nightingale

“I know Shauna to be a principled and hard working person who gets things done. I know she cares about making Yellowknife all it can be for all Yellowknifers. She wants a liveable city that meets the needs of families, young people and old, working people, as well as small business owners. She’s a great choice for City Council.”

– Ben McDonald, former Yellowknife City Councillor

What Shauna brings to Council

Principled leadership

She challenges and questions boldly and respectfully.

She is accountable and transparent in how and why she makes decisions:

Values-based decision-making

  • The security of public spaces is enhanced by addressing basic needs and social inequalities.
  • City workplaces must be respectful and harassment-free.
  • We must carefully manage our environmental resources.
  • Reconciliation is a just and appropriate approach to Indigenous relations.

Evidence-based decision-making

  • Proven methods and solutions should be pursued.


She works hard and prepares thoroughly.

She is a critical thinker.

She is realistic about available financial and human resources.

Active and Engaged in Community

She seeks to understand various perspectives of those affected by an issue.

She considers the broader context and root causes of problems.

She maintains frequent involvement in local arts, sports/recreation, and social and environmental groups.

“Shauna is a Rock Star, vote for her.”

“I have known Shauna for most of the years that she has lived in Yellowknife.  I know her to be committed to our community and to environmental sustainability.  I appreciate the energy and commitment that Shauna contributes to her service on our current Council.  Shauna listens and studies; she is well read and well prepared to debate important matters that come before the City.  The experience, vision and dedication that Shauna brings to this role is key to maintaining sensibility, diversity, and continuity in our local Government.   I will be voting for Shauna on Oct 15th.”

– Kevin Hodgins, FEC, FCSSE, P.Eng., fellow rock star

“Shauna’s commitment to environmental and fiscal responsibility, and to accountability of the city council have been what has most impressed me in her first term. Commitment to these principles have seen her champion actions that lower city expenses, and will sustainably lower the cost of living; as well as requiring council to increase its’ accountability to taxpayers. Shauna’s approach to issues is evidence-driven, thoughtful, and guided by the interests of the city’s long-term sustainability. She is genuine and sincere, and a mature voice of reason and rationality. I support Shauna.”

– Dr. Stephanie Irlbacher-Fox

About Shauna Morgan

Shauna has made her home in Yellowknife for the past 10 years, and is eager to contribute to this city that she loves.

During her time in Yellowknife, Shauna has worked as a private consultant doing research, facilitation and community development work for First Nation communities in the NWT, and managed the Northern Program of the Pembina Institute (a clean energy non-profit think-tank) for four years. Currently, Shauna reserves a significant portion of her time for City Council work, while also working as a piano teacher, Snow Castle builder, and instructor with outdoor adventure camps for children.

During her first term on Council, Shauna has served as Chair of the Community Energy Planning Committee.

Shauna is very active and engaged in the community, maintaining frequent involvement in local arts, sports/recreation, and social and environmental groups.

Professional Experience

  • Senior analyst, Pembina Institute (Yellowknife)
  • Principal, Community Development & Consulting (Yellowknife)
  • Researcher, Crosscurrent Associates Ltd. (Yellowknife)
  • Industrial Initiatives Analyst, GNWT Department of Industry, Tourism and Investment (Yellowknife)
  • Research Analyst, Jantzi Research (now Sustainalytics) (Toronto)

Research Experience

Workshops and Facilitation

  • Facilitated workshops with the GNWT’s Cumulative Impact Monitoring Program and Environmental Monitoring Advisory Board in 2017
  • Facilitated Sahtú Cross-Cultural Research Camp in 2014 and 2015
  • Facilitated workshops with the Sahtú Environmental Research and Monitoring Forum (multi-stakeholder group involving all five Sahtú community organizations, Sahtú youth, industry, federal and territorial governments)
  • Facilitated community meetings with Ka’a’gee Tu First Nation in Kakisa, to implement a district biomass heating system
  • Organized focus groups on wood pellet heating for Arctic Energy Alliance

Community Involvement

  • Board member and Secretary, Yellowknife Women’s Society
  • Planning Committee member, Alternatives North
  • Accompanist, Yellowknife Choral Society
  • Assistant coach, YK Ski Club Jackrabbits program
  • Participant: Multisport Club, broomball and soccer leagues

International Experience

  • Intern, Mindanao Peoples’ Peace Movement, Philippines (2002-2003)
  • Workshop leader, International Youth Peace Conference, Ghana
  • Participant, Youth Challenge International, Guyana

“I am so pleased that Shauna Morgan is running for city council again. Shauna has proven to be a calm and considered member of council who champions the kind of resilient and connected community that I am glad to live in. Shauna is an energetic and engaged member of our community. A musician, an athlete and ready to listen to the concerns, and address the interests of Yellowknifers. I’m voting for Shauna Morgan for city council.”

– Conrad Schubert

“I have known Shauna for a number of years now, and have really appreciated her presence on Council. She brings a different perspective, one that resonates with me. She does her research, studies the problems and issues at hand, and is not afraid of asking the hard questions. She does not fall into the unfortunate ‘political’ game of personally attacking someone who has a different opinion then hers. She is calm, focused, and stays grounded in her values and love for the people of this City. I will vote to re-elect Shauna!”

– Sylvie Francoeur

Contributions on Council: Past, Present & Future

1st Term Contributions

As Chair of the Community Energy Planning Committee, Shauna facilitated the completion and secured Council endorsement of a ten-year Community Energy Plan (2015-25). The following items have already been completed:

  • Award-winning district biomass heating system for Multiplex, Fieldhouse, Fire Hall and Public Works garage
  • Addition of bicycles to the City fleet; completion of active transportation studies; addition of bike lanes and multi-use paths
  • Waste Audit; further roll-out of City-wide compost pick-up

Shauna supported the Housing First program, Street Outreach Services, and sobering centre.

Shauna fought for a negotiated approach to resolving conflicts with the Dog Trotters Association.

Shauna championed the addition of 8 new firefighter/paramedic positions based on the recommendations of two expert reviews.

Shauna supported the strengthening of our Council Code of Conduct, Respectful Workplace and Anti-Harassment Policy, and Whistleblower Policy.

Focus of a 2nd Term

Continue momentum on Energy Plan implementation and the integration of a ‘sustainability’ lens into all City operations:

  • Move forward with Loans for Heat program – helping homeowners save on energy costs through renewable energy/energy efficient retrofits
  • Second district biomass heating system for City Hall, JTFN and RCMP
  • Interconnected trails and bike lanes for active transportation
  • Improve recycling and composting diversion rates

Support continued strengthening of internal relationships and accountable leadership within and between administration and Council

Increase emphasis on prevention of homelessness and poverty reduction

“I’ve known Shauna to be an independent thinker. She works hard and talks to people in the community to understand all sides of an issue before she makes up her mind.”

– Aggie Brockman

“Shauna has shown dedication and effectiveness in making our city more supportive of healthy lifestyles – by promoting trail connections and bike lanes, and championing new recreation facilities accessible to all. Shauna understands that keeping our environment healthy is a critical way to keep everyone in our community healthy too.”

– Dr. Courtney Howard

How to Vote

Election day is Monday, October 15th (10:00am – 8:00pm).

Advance voting happens October 1-5, between 9:00am – 4:30pm at the Office of the Returning Officer (City Hall).

Find out how to make sure you’re on the voters’ list, where to vote, and other election info by clicking the link below!

Voting Information

Note that you can vote for up to 8 Councillors, but you do not have to check off 8 boxes if you are not aware of 8 candidates that you actually support.

Contact Shauna

If you’d like to know more about my vision and approach, please reach out to me on Facebook or say hi if you see me at an event in the coming weeks! I will also be canvassing over the weeks leading up to the election and hope to speak with as many people as possible to hear your questions and concerns.

“An impressive record of your activities and accomplishments. I fully support you going forward on council to work for the betterment of our community. Thank you for all your hard work!”

– Bill Gilday

“We know Shauna works hard to keep herself informed on important matters before the City, and trust in her diligence, ethics, and fundamental humanity when considering tough issues. We believe in her vision, and are very pleased to support her for her second-term as City Councillor.”

– Steve Ellis and Tracey Williams